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Welcome to my Orphanage

by Raoul Sinier

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Entrance 04:11
Everything you did, for a million years, every move you made, was for her. You say it's done, it's under control, but she just cut off your other arm, this is your life. Life is good, life is nice. Life is good, life is nice, and she just cut off your arm. Life is good, life is nice, and she just cut off your leg. Life is good, life is nice, and she will cut off your head. Life is good, life is nice, and she just cut off your arm. Life is good, life is nice, and she will cut off your head. You might want to run. Use those buildings you made. But all you can do is wait, try to keep the balance.
The rumble is slowing down, something broke again. But fortunately you're there, you know exactly what to do. You fixed it yesterday, the very same failure. It gets a lot of good ones like you to maintain this, it's such a huge machine. It's fine to be a part of something this big. This time you'll just have to get more screws and bandages. Right, again with this. You better come with me, it's not over yet, you got plenty of time. I'm waiting for you, come with me.
Cleaning Man 05:40
He doesn't fully understand what's going on in this place. He's doing his job, and likes when things make sense. Being the cleaning guy is not the most incredible life. But it's not the worst and it has to be done. The residents here are nice, but strange, disturbed and filthy. And yet, this place is always shiny clean. Maybe someone is cleaning the place when he's not around. But then, what is he doing here? What kind of sick mind is hiring someone to do nothing? One day some guy told him he was a resident, since the beginning. He would remember.
Empty Shell 04:27
This is so unreel. The power you have in your hands. The disaster you could unleash. The love you could bring. Is this strength eternal? Is it really there? Maybe you're already lost, trapped in en empty shell. The mist around you is active. There are huge piles of junk in your room. Something may be out of touch. Working hard, trying hard. Is this strength eternal? Is it really there? Maybe you're already lost, trapped in en empty shell.
My Orphanage 06:34
Too much to eat, too much to drink, everything is way too large, it's time to lose something, it's time to go. Leave your stuff behind and welcome to my orphanage. Make yourself at home and say hello to everyone. Move away from the stones, move away from the steel. Get back your lungs and limbs, get real and cut the strings. This is too short, everyone knows, this is too hard, welcome aboard.
I don't need any orphanage, need any human cage, you're nothing but a fat sausage, working for a minimum wage. My multitasking program allows me to get laid and surpass you in the same time. I can process a few million operations while you are still stuck in computing your taxes, just like the masses. My screws will last longer than any of your bandages, you're drowning in mortgages, try to buy a house, a car, you know you will pay for ages. You're waiting for my batteries to drain, but you must admit, my style is synthetic and is worth ten times your analog shit. Feel free to challenge me. Everything you do can't compare with me. Your lack of evolution is embarrassing, just don't play with the king. In hundreds of years you didn't change at all, the least you can do is to get more smart and intelligent. No matter what happens, you stay as stupid as fuck, still trying to figure out who created everything, but you're out of luck, this is how much you suck. Apparently our chips are nothing compared to your brain, so please explain how everything you do is vain. The clock is ticking for you, when we are everlasting, you are the creators, but we are now the kings. Don't worry. Everything will be fine. You can't go wrong. You will last forever. Hahahaha!
Ruined Map 04:47
Just as you think you have found the road, a new sign proves you wrong. You want to see this place I'm talking about all the time. Just to see if it's nice, just to see if it's right, you want to check it out by yourself. You thought you would have to pay a toll of some kind. No need to be so heavy, here. It's not that easy to get there, especially when you draw stupid shit on the map I gave you. It's not how it's done, you'll never get it right. You know this is not the way, no one will take you there.
You're not sure you locked the door. as always you can't remember. The oven, the hot plates, everything is out of control. Maybe there is a fire, a flood, or another disaster. You're not sure you locked the door, this time you'll have to check it out. You still have to come back home you still have to come back to life. The fine lines you draw are nice and elegant and yesterday you did a few around your place and yourself. Right or wrong are always out of place and some day you'll find the strength to move away.


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Raoul Sinier is a multidisciplinary artist who doesn’t need to be introduced anymore. After 10 years on the electro music scene, he who started under the stage name “Ra” returns with a more personal album, darker and definitely more open to the public. “Welcome to my Orphanage” follows the path of his previous creations all the while unveiling new horizons.
Raoul Sinier’s voice, which here plays an almost central part, serves various atmospheres, sometimes dark and desperate, sometimes bright and lively. He plays on contrasts and strange universes, as can be seen in his work as a painter or a director. His sensitive approach, deliberately detached from the idea of “genre”, offers a music that is out of the norm, far way from clichés and yet deeply universal…


released June 12, 2013

Everything by Raoul Sinier.
Mastered by Cyesm at Head-sign Studio.
© Good Citizen Factory 2013



all rights reserved



Raoul Sinier Paris, France

Raoul Sinier is without doubt a unique artist.
He juggles music, illustration and animation with a freewheeling talent.
His music captures emotions and liberates the listener, enables their penetration into the very sophisticated musical universe of the musician.
But beyond the fury of monsters and the screaming music is the exacerbated sensitivity of a demanding individual…
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